Design of Turco book for Bouclard editions, design of custom typefaces for chapter titles and running text.
This work tells the incredible journey of Francesco de Martini, great great uncle of Sylvain Chantal, the author. From his runaway from the Bedouin at the end of his adolescence to his life as an Italian spy master in Lebanon, including the delivery of a tank to the Negus of Ethiopia, Hailé Sélassié. This book is at the same time the writing diary of an author who is looking for himself, a family investigation around the Mediterranean and the great secret story of Italian espionage.
For the cover I created a custom lettering inspired by Art Deco and the old Fiat logo of 1932, brand of the tank that the hero delivers to Ethiopia. To learn more about the design of this book you can read this article (in French).

208p. / 14x20cm / cover: Fedrigoni Constellation Snow Intrrecio 280 gr - int.: Arcoprint Milk 85gr.


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